A conversation with a 6 yr old

“Why are you sad?”

He was next to me, with his legs dangling from the bench. His eyes were sort of like the two moons around Mars, Phobos and Deimos. As if he borrowed them just for a life time. He can’t be more than six years old.

“Its nothing sweetheart. where are your parents?” I wipe a tear with the back of my hands and sniffle along.

“Is it because your dreams never come true?” Phobos and Deimos observing me. Concerned, I assume.

“What do you mean”

“you know what I mean” he lays his small warm hand on mine. “You never get what you want because you never want it. Because you’re too afraid. Nothing is ever too good to be true, its always good enough and if its great then it certainly is the truth”

What. On. Earth.

“kid, whats your name?” I don’t know if its some sort of trick, he seems to be talking nonsense. Those words coming out of a six year old. That can’t be right.


“But thats MY name” I furrow my brows.

“I know, dummy” he launches into a giggle fit while I try to know how he knew my name.

I sigh. “How did you know? who told you kid? Was it Simon?”

“You didn’t go to the interview because you were too nervous and too scared to change your life around. That it was too stable and it will take forever to do that again. I’m only here to give you the wings you need to aspire to be the best you can be”

I can’t speak. I’ve never told anyone about the interview to begin with.

“You can either live for fear or for love and I think you know which one is better lived.” he crosses his legs on the bench and shifts towards me. “You love painting but too insecure to show it off. Your poems make me happy and Simon once read it by accident and he teared up because you never showed him your beautiful secret. We both know if you had went to the interview you would’ve gotten the job but you were too frightened and honestly Leya, I am very disappointed” He said the last sentence sternly. Reminded me when dad had yelled at me for coming home very late and scaring him.

I can’t believe he knows all that. I can’t say much. I’m too bewildered. My mouth won’t close shut.

He hops off the bench “I have to go now, I hope you put things into consideration” He bends close to my face and plants a kiss on my nose then starts walking away but to my astonishment he seems to be walking on invisible stairs upwards. I squint hoping I’m not imagining things.

He’s in the air! what is this???

He comes to a stop in the middle of the sky and his arms stretch. Within seconds a light sweeps by him and he’s gone.


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