“I want to be inside of you” I text.

“be more specific ;)”

I was midway into writing a descriptive text of how much I would love to devour her being until my date showed up. I was sitting here for about 15 minutes until she showed up. The thing is; she wasn’t too late to come to the restaurant. I just like looking at them coming my way.

I greet her, go in for a hug. She smells….rather… Sensual. I slide the chair for her and gesture her to sit. She’s wearing a long black dress; it hugs her body and her chest is about to burst. I lick my lips in response to its roundness. Her face is a complete blur though. Her voice blends with the background. Her moans are what I’d like to hear.

It’s all smiles and questions. I ask her about her plans, what she does for a living, I even make her laugh but I honestly don’t give a shit about all that. I have one thing in mind and one thing only.



I hear her muffled crying behind the door. It sends streams of tears down my cheeks. I hate doing this. If only she listened! I hit the wall in the bathroom out frustration. She stops crying. She thinks I’ll go at her again. I would. I really would. Violating her or them, is so obscene, I know it for a fact, it disgusts me to hear her scream and resist. It throws me off edge when I have to beat her to shut her up. To finish me off. But that’s the only thing she had to do. Finish me the fuck off. If she listened I wouldn’t have forced myself into her. She didn’t understand that I couldn’t stop once I’ve started.

I wash my face after calming myself down, I enter the room and see her eyes wide open; one of them is rimmed with purple and blues of my making, shaking under the blanket. I grab my shirt and belt off the floor and head out.





A deep long moan comes about her mouth once we both finally came together.

It’s Joy; we fuck very frequently. Not as much as I’d like but my girlfriend has got it covered.

She cuddles up to me and I just look at the ceiling. She knows I’m about to leave, why does she always do that?



My third meal of the day; Sara, my girlfriend. Once we were done, I roll to my side while she holds my waist.

“I love you” She whispers, sounding exhausted.

“Well I love you most bunny” I sigh.

I can’t help my addiction. I can’t stop myself from wanting a body pressed against me. To hear the moans, the warmth of their insides, the orgasm. Theres no second that goes by without me thinking or rather drooling for a body to fuck. I’ve violated dozens of girls and only the guilt travels through me once I’m done. I go back to my lusting self within 15 mins and I carry on.

I somehow wished the results for the HIV test would help me stop.

The moment I knew I was positive, it was like it triggered an even bigger fire in me.




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