50 things I should’ve said

  1. If I could, I’d spill my whole soul and sew out of it a blanket so you can sleep comforted that I’m there when you have nightmares.
  2. I love you too much to lose you
  3. I’m sorry. It was all my doing.
  4. I’ve never loved anyone as much as I’ve loved you and I probably never will.
  5. I forgive you.
  6. I forgive you too.
  7. I forgive you all.
  8. It’s okay, you can stop blaming yourself for it.
  9. You’re responsible for your actions and now I do see how karma bit you in the ass.
  10. I wish I was there as a shield to protect you from the things he’s done.
  11. I wish I would’ve held you against all evil instead of pitying myself for so long.
  12. You’re a dick.
  13. No, you can’t cheat from me.
  14. You need to stop this bullshit and actually do something about it.
  15. You were good to me. I just never saw it too clearly until recently.
  16. Could you please give me the attention you took away from me.
  17. I did not understand a word you spoke.
  18. Yes, I am cheating on you and we can’t do this anymore.
  19. 999, I’d like to report an incident.
  20. Yes, I did copy paste this research from the internet but I added pretty pictures hoping you wouldn’t notice.
  21. I’m sorry I told you that your makeup is blended. It really isn’t.
  22. Something is stuck in your teeth bro, I’m so sorry.
  23. No.
  24. Stop.
  25. It hurts. Please stop.
  26. Don’t hold my wrists too tight.
  27. In all honesty, you won’t heal further the more you tell your story.
  28. You’re in a relationship you need to leave ASAP or I’ll burn the bitch.
  29. That wasn’t my number.
  30. I do eat a lot.
  31. I don’t weigh 52 kgs lols.
  33. No, I’m not fine but I don’t want you to pity me so lolololol
  34. I don’t want to cry in front of you.
  35. I want that blusher I just don’t got the money for it atm so like tnx.
  36. Do. Not. Touch. Me
  37. I was pretty offended when you called me fat.
  38. Thank you for saving me.
  39. I wish you’d see the mess you’re in. You’re more than this.
  40. I miss you.
  41. I still wear your clothes and I won’t give it back bc it has the memory of you I don’t want to lose.
  42. I don’t like you bc you hurt my friend.
  43. I don’t like you either.
  44. I love you so much but I can’t forgive you just yet.
  45. I can’t fathom why you did that. I don’t understand it and I am so hurt by it.
  46. And If you can leave now and never come back, I know you would. Just know that we’re here. Regardless of our reaction. We’ll still maintain our love for you.
  47. It won’t last.
  48. I wish you just left already.
  49. Don’t do this to me.
  50. And If I could speak to God and he’d actually listen I’d whisper all the times I wanted him to hear my brothers prayers. I’d talk about how much I knew he existed. I KNEW IT. I’d test my vocal cords and ask him to tell me Einstein’s first and last thoughts.

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