belittle (shade)

Strange how you place me in hell when you’re merely just another person that would stand before God read for filth, Humiliated. Not knowing where God would rather have you in.

Funny how you use Social media for your use of flaunting yourself. Using adjectives that hardly describe you. Treat yourself and your so called friends like Gods when you’re the ones causing the fracture in our society to break even more.

You claim the need for equality between sexes in a society. Though, you act like you’re above all. yet, you contributed nothing to it. yet, you belittle and attack anyone with a different opinion than yours.

You see, you talk about Black lives matter and racism in the US where you don’t utter a word about the rate of rape and abuse in this country or how to reduce it. You don’t speak about the need for hotlines or even do good in the charities it hosts (including the charities about diabetes you complain the lack of)  You have selective hearing to the country you were raised in and they’re all far from good. You bash your own culture more than anything which baffles me to say the least.

You suck limp dick and I hope you know that.

I hope you know that you’re nothing but someone else who will stand before God, read for filth for all the stupidity they caused. I hope you know that you’re wrong more than you’re right and sometimes, that ruins lives.

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