My vanilla hues (Jwharat Karachi)

Two honey coloured moons and a beautiful excuse

of a woman that is now my muse

The way she hides every skin of hers

not knowing that her vanillas hues

could brighten moods

Thinks she has a tummy and is super insecure

but I’d love to kiss it, ever more

She’d do anything for me, God is my witness

 She is fearless in protecting me

Like a mothers Instinct

Her sweetness; in her voice, in her scent, in her love so ever lasting

If I was in Mexico and asked for her help

she’d already be in el paso before we hang up

If i was ever tired she’d massage my legs, put me to bed and keeps checking up

If I ever happen to murder my ex I know she’ll coverup

Im so proud to be her friend






ps. for those who don’t know, El Paso is a city in the US that is located by the borders of Mexico




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