The nice guys


they’ll sing you to sleep and play with your hair and then weave nightmares into your sleep, they’ll hold your hands throughout the day, never letting go, but sometimes they’ll hold a little too tight it hurts your bones.
 they’ll tell you they love you a few dozen times, in letters, messages, on cakes and by the end of the day they’ll beg you to never leave, they’ll hold your shoulders and shake it hard and yell and carve “you can’t leave” at the end of the night.
He’ll open doors for you but when you smile at a man for mere respect he’ll slam it against you. He’d want to spend the whole day with you everyday and by the thought of just wanting time with the girls he’ll push you and yell out all the reasons why he’s enough. You’ll end up with bruises on your face and it will give you enough reasons to not want to see your friends anymore.
Not all abusers are obvious.

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