i don’t know who i am anymore

I stepped out the room chocking on a child in my throat. Entrapped and claustrophobic. Impatient. I swallow to push her back. Her hands force my jaws to part before I could reach the car door. She screams. She wails. It was more of a shriek that came out of

the tape rewinds

been building distractions for years. been pushing myself into the earths core, burying myself deeper and deeper until I know no longer of who I am I am ruins a couple days every few months that I tell no one of I tremble and fear those moments before sleep where

to forget

Every meal you order from every chain food Restaurant The dimple on the side of your cheek your wins at sequence and how you’re somehow both a heavy and a light sleeper To forget When I nearly died and how its our favorite joke Cheesecake flavored Ice cream at the

i rid myself of the sun

Nights are grim
once I rid myself of the moon

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