I’m not a stupid orchid plant

I have an orchid plant. when I first got it, it had six blooming orchids. They’re very sturdy plants, strong. Can withhold a ton a shit. I don’t know what to do. It started withering. bit by bit. a petal fell at a time and no matter what I did



your putrid soul spread into me and I can never scrub my self clean again

feed me your sorrow and I will swallow

i saw your melon head, the two scars on your scalp. i saw your hands, not holding mine. I so wished so. I felt your arms i drowned in your eyes. Yes, drowned swallowed your tears filling up my lungs and I coughed up, not your love but my heart,

Ink and dad

I don’t know why I think of that day endlessly. The room empty, soon to be mine. Just me and that correction pen. The sheer curiosity that ended with confusion. I’d shake it and hear a ball inside, a voice like ticking. Is it really a ball? Why is it

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