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the marrow of my bones asks for its drinker  the prints of my fingers asks for its collider the eyes beg for their faucets to close  the skin is wilting without its lover  the hairs on my body are the … Continue Reading anatomy


A diary entry

This just a bunch of crap you don’t have to read. I am so lonely that I make up conversations in my head. I don’t look people directly in the eye in fear that they will find out. And I, … Continue Reading A diary entry


You can stop trying to love me  you are free from my claustrophobic confines  I’ve unchained you from myself  brushed off my fingerprints from your crevasses and I’ve handed your soul back to you  no more holding my sorrows for … Continue Reading whatevers

Dead and gone

I want him dead I want him gone  I want his limbs ripped by a midivil cartwheel  and his still living torso burnt to ashes  I want him gone  I want the thread of thought that  leads to him  get … Continue Reading Dead and gone


was the only one that knew
how hard it is to live with a future so bleak.

How to pretend

How to be pretend to be happy:  You build a good posture, a dandy smile and you laugh a lot. and I mean a lot so people think they can never hurt you. Befriend the easygoing and never anyone as … Continue Reading How to pretend

Do you know when I really thought I was crazy? When I thought I was delusional and that everything I said was a lie     It was when I put my foot down and flashed a light on the … Continue Reading


I’ve written a vague book about my miseries I’ve written and rewritten my past somewhere else about 3 times I’ve told 10% of my story a lot I’ve scarred and burned myself on purpose I’ve asked help from the countless … Continue Reading I’ve

Why and Roots

The more I grow up the more I realize that the roots of my past are not just inches long but meters and kilometers. The more time passes on the more I recollect more hands that weren’t my parents. The … Continue Reading Why and Roots