to forget

Every meal you order from every chain food Restaurant The dimple on the side of your cheek your wins at sequence and how you’re somehow both a heavy and a light sleeper To forget When I nearly died and how its our favorite joke Cheesecake flavored Ice cream at the

i rid myself of the sun

Nights are grim
once I rid myself of the moon

I wish it wasn’t so

“ I have fallen for someone i have no business falling for and currently, the measure of adoration i have for him is devastating. I want to rid him of my life but he is the sun i wait for to rise and perish when it sets and i hate

Another poem about orchids

He gave me an orchid flower on my birthday It stayed alive even though my insides were rotten I abandoned it Once home I felt estranged Stockholm syndrome? I replaced it with another I feel like it understood in every sense of the way that it had to wither in

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